Amor d' Oro Heavenly Blue Blooming


dob 27-4-2021

Hips A .. Elbows 0-0.. Eyes Clear 2023

Pedigree Søndre


Angelusparks II Kissed by an Angel


Fenwood Marc Jacobs


Dewmist Servantes


Ramchaine Green Glow by Fenwood


Angelusparks Elsa's Eternal Bliss


Dewmist Rainbow Quest

Elsa of the Bridge Four

Amor d'Oro Touch of the Sun

CH Summeramba Last Orders


CH Erinderry Just a Ticket from Blue Waters

Summeramba Shebert Lemon


Xanthous Eminem                            


CH Giddygold Swayze of Dancer


   Herwildy's Chutney